Have you ever wanted to stand out with your OWN custom clothing with YOUR name on it?

Look no more! Once your purchase this you will be able to pick one item out of every category below with YOUR personalized textures!

After ordering please make a ticket @ https://gah.gg/support with the ticket category
Custom Texture Clothing Outfit Lite - ORDER
If you are unsure on how to do this please follow our guide here.
Please provide the following information when creating this ticket:

  • Subject (Please Put "Custom Clothing Order")
  • Payment ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Payment Date
  • Email Associated With Our Website (Email Attached To Your Discord Account)
  • Description (Any Notes, Questions, Or Concerns For Our Developers)
  • Attached Image (For Any Design Ideas)

From there a developer of Great American Hunt will be in contact with you asap!

Items To Choose From Below!


Coyote Backpack
Hunting Backpack
Mountain Backpack
Tortilla Backpack


Cargo Pants
Gorka Pants
Hunting Pants


Gorka Jacket
Hunting Jacket
M65 Jacket

Custom Textured Clothing Outfit - LITE — $45


@Papa Pharos - Creator of Code
@Paradox - Creator of Textures

User Reviews

Product: Custom Textured Clothing Outfit - LITE 5/5

“The custom outfit is amazing. The extra slots are perfect for running around to find all that good loot. It's nice that we can choose from different styles includin”urbanzero

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Product: Custom Textured Clothing Outfit - LITE 5/5

“The clothing was exactly what I was hoping for the emblem I wanted was in the right spots and is shown clear as day made me happy to bring an old legacy to dayz and ”That One Guy

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Product: Custom Textured Clothing Outfit - LITE 5/5

“I love my custom clothes. When Papa took the time too help me find the right patteren it me feel great. I wasn't a product but a member of the GAH who donated and ”D0ubl3_Tap

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