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Papa Pharos


Hi, I'm Pharos! Most call me Papa; I may own this place but rest assured i still get bossed around...


Owner & Lead Developer

Hi, I'm Necro! I'm normally the the one that bosses Pharos around! ...

Sgt Bonness

Team Lead & Human Resources

He is difficult enough to put down for his nap without you getting him all worked up. Thank You... Also, don't give him any sugar!...


Team Lead & Community Relations

I like donuts...


Community Relations

I should say something profound... Meh...


Community Relations

Hey! I’m Knight. Or Blood. Don’t be afraid to say hi or ask any questions as I’ll be glad to help if I am able. ...


Developer & Papa's Savior <3

This is my Ship Now....


Server Admin

Moose is dead…. Long live daniels...


Server Admin

I'm Gil. Welcome to GAH. I hope you have a great experience. I'm here to help you, just ask...

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