Get a custom billboard with an image of your choice on it!

Anything that is Safe For Work and not a direct advertisement to another gaming community will be approved, though Papa Pharos has the right to deny any image for any given reason.
This billboard will be placed on the map of your choice at a random location permanently. Meaning what you put will be apart of our history forever!

PLEASE NOTE: The image needs to be 1024px x 512px or close to be stretched to size.

After ordering please make a ticket @ with the ticket category
Custom Billboard - ORDER
Please provide the following information when creating this ticket:

  • Subject (Please Put "Custom Billboard Order")
  • Payment ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Payment Date
  • Email Associated With Our Website (Email Attached To Your Discord Account)
  • Description (Any Notes, Questions, Or Concerns For Our Developers)
  • Attached Image (Preferably 1024px x 512px Or Similar)

Unsure how to provide this information to us? Check out our guide here
From there a developer of Great American Hunt will be in contact with you asap!

Custom Billboard — $20



@Papa Pharos - Creating The Billboards
@YouTube - Teaching Papa How Create The Billboards

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